About Ridgewood Manor

A variety of health care professionals work with patients during their time with us. They include case managers, physicians, dieticians and nutritionists, social and emotional therapists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Our certified interdisciplinary team is dedicated to ensuring all of our patients’ needs are met.

In addition to the professionals listed above, patients spend much of their time working with the rehabilitation team to regain skills that may have been lost. This team also consists of physical therapists and certified physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists and certified occupational therapist assistants, as well as speech/language pathologists.

Upon discharge to home, the health care team educates each patient and their family on properly administering medication and continuing rehabilitation to maintain the progress that was achieved at Ridgewood Manor.

We ask you to trust us with your loved one or friend. When a decision is made to place someone in a care facility, you are basing your decision not on experience, but on trust. Your trust is earned by a facility that promotes wellness in a manner that is caring, respectful, and appropriate. We at Ridgewood Manor take the responsibility of earning your trust seriously.

We believe that quality of life is the single most important component. At our facility, every staff member, upon hire, signs a written commitment to uphold our residents’ best interests and that is the basis of all our decisions. We also believe that in order to provide those entrusted to us with the best care, we need the support of and encourage input from the residents, their families, and their friends.

We are Medicare/Medicaid Certified and licensed by the State of North Carolina Division of Facility Services. We continuously uphold these standards to provide the best quality and care to every individual’s stay with us.

TRUST (trust), n., v., trusted, trusting
1. Reliance on the integrity of a person or thing; confidence.
2. Confident expectation of someone or confidence in; rely or depend on.