Services – The Restore Unit

The Restore Unit may be the next appropriate step in your care.

RestoreLogoThis unit offers a special caring environment for patients who no longer require all the resources of an acute care hospital, but who are still too sick to be cared for at home. Typically patients are admitted to this unit for the following types of care: cardiac recovery, post surgical recovery, and complex medical management. A few extra days for recovery in the Restore Unit can give patients just the time they need to regain strength and function needed to successfully be discharged home.

Our staff helps patients with that transition to home so they may live independently or with some assistance.

While in our care we strive to:

  • Maximize functioning and independence
  • Provide patient and family education
  • Assess and facilitate discharge needs
  • Identify community resources that can help
  • Make referrals to outpatient services and obtain medical equipment for in the home

The Restore Unit offers special amenities to make your short term stay the very best it can be. It allows you to be as comfortable as possible while you are away from home.

Unlike most facilities, Ridgewood Manor offers a separate wing for the Restore Unit patients. In most facilities, short term patients and long term patients are combined together and patients share rooms together.

At Ridgewood, we want you to “Experience the Difference.”

Our Restore Unit boasts all private suites. Here, you will have a large spacious room originally designed for two patients, all to yourself! You will have an electric bed, flat screen TV, cable, your own personal telephone line, and spacious sitting area. Fresh flowers await you upon admission… welcoming you to be our guest. You will see quickly that our facility is the exception in the industry for the amenities provided to short term rehabilitation patients.